Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Our company was established in 1924 by Demosthenis Phikas and was situated at Edessis street 10 in the area of Ladadika Thessaloniki. It is a member of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry continuously from 1938 until today.

From 1975 until 2004 the legal status was a personal firm and then became a limited partnership. During 1994 the premises of the company moved to the area Sfagia of Thessaloniki, opposite the old beer factory ‘Fix’, at 26th Octovriou street 72. In 2010 the company was converted into a SA with the title ‘Aristomenis D. Phikas & Co Enzymes Chemicals SA’. During all these years of continuous and consistent presence our target remains the same: Products of excellent quality, competitive prices, immediate and friendly services.

The company Fikas offers a wide range of products. The main focus of the company is the supply of food industry supplements and equipment, with an emphasis on the milk industries. More specifically, the products provided by the company, in addition to the technical support of chemical instruments and machinery, are classified into the following main categories:
– Food machinery
– Appliances and type
– Milk coagulation enzymes (cheeses, etc.)
– Microorganisms cultures
– Coatings for cheeses and salami
– Additives and tools for cheese making
– Natural and synthetic dyes
– Personal protective equipment.

The Fikas company realizing the need for extroversion and internationalization of its activities, imports goods from countries and factories abroad.

The company selects products with exceptional quality characteristics, differentiated from those of competition. At the same time, the Fikas company promotes its products abroad, mainly in Cyprus, but also in the Balkan and Mediterranean countries.