Conference for Dairy Products in Ioannina

Conference for Dairy Products in Ioannina

On May 10, 2016, our company held the “Kaleidoscope” event, a conference for milk and dairy products, at the Du Lac hotel in Ioannina for the students of the Dairy School of Ioannina.

Among the speakers were Yiannis Kouros, long-distance runner and Konstantinos Trigonis, sailor. The two athletes based on their personal efforts spoke to the young participants aiming to motivate them and help their personal development through paradigms from their athletic activity.

You can read the relevant article in the local newspaper Eleftheria and watch the relevant video at Ioannina tv

The program of the conference

Konstantinos Trigonis, World Sailing Champion, Olympic Champion
Giannis Kouros, a marathon runner, holder of world records






























The poster of the meeting