Coatings for Cheese and Delicatessen

Coatings for Cheese and Delicatessen

Plastic Coatings


Plastic polymeric dispersion, the most suitable for cheese coating.
-Protects cheeses, strengthens their surface.
-Doesn’t close the skin of cheese, so the maturation progresses normally.
-Reduces moisture loss and consequently weight loss.
-Gives a shiny and soft exterior appearance.
-Available in various colours and is totally elastic.
-Acts as a barrier against external polluting agents.




Paraffin is a colourless or white wax, solid at usual temperatures, odourless and tasteless, slightly greasy to touch and comes from the fractional distillation of crude oil. Resistant to water and water vapour and easily painted with colours.



MICROCOVERING” is a polymeric antimould water suspension, suitable for treating cheese rind and salami surface. The remaining film is invisible and permits total traspiration. The preservatives are in water suspension form (they are insoluble and tend to decay if they are not constantly shaken), the polymeric fraction ensures that the active principle’s particles adhere to the cheese surface or to the surface of cold meats and salami. Microcovering does not have a glueing effect on the shelves. The company that produces MICRO also offers the relevant machine.

Ink for Marking


Ink for the marking or sealing of cheeses and meats, with food colors authorized by applicable EU legislation, in blue or red.

Packaging 1 liter bottle