Dairy Cultures

Feta & White Cheese Cultures

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TBM B Combination of mesophilic  and thermophilic microorganisms
TBM N Combinations of mesophilic and thermophilic microorganisms
3A Combination of mesophilic microorganisms

Yoghurt Cultures

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YBZ  Combination of thermophilic microorganisms for Greek traditional yoghurt
YF  Combination of thermophilic microorganisms for strained yoghurt European type
YBD Combination of thermophilic microorganisms for dessert

Hard Cheese Cultures

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Kaseri LHZ
Kefalotyri TBC
Graviera GR
Mozzarella T

Propionic cultures PR-1

Bioprotection Cultures against Yeasts and Molds

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Bacteria present in the culture protective have a specific inhibitory effect on yeasts and molds. The culture consists in natural strains that have not been subject to genetic modification as defined by European Directive 2001/18/EC. They were selected from a large number of strains for their technological quality.

Summary of benefits
– Growth control of yeasts and molds
– May be labeled as a culture
– Improvement and extension of the life
– alternative to chemical protection of food
– Ease of handling
– Reduced costs
– Opportunities to improve the consistency

Cultures for Olives, Peppers, Fermented Vegetables, etc.

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