Cooling Tanks

Cooling Tanks

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Beer Tanks

The Beer tanks are designed for the micro-brewery or pub-restaurant where beer is produced on small and medium scale. They are designed for fermentation or for ageing and beer’s storage. The fermenters have the conical bottom. For all the tanks, the capacities go from 500 up to 12.000L.

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Butter Tanks

For melting and keeping butter at a stable temperature.

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Chocolate Tanks

For melting, processing and temperature keeping of chocolate.

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Blood Tanks

Suitable for storing and keeping the animal blood at a stable temperature.

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Ice Cream Tanks

For pasteurizing, ageing and storage of ice-cream.

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Egg Tanks

Designed for mixing and preserving at low temperatures of egg contents.

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Bakery Tanks

For cooling and successively keeping in temperature.