Ice Cream Machinery


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Capacity from 300-2400L
Used for pasteurization of ice cream mixtures. Through heat exchange with hot water and high speed mixing, the ice-cream reaches a temperature of about 85oC. The water flows into Trapcold® plates that are parts of the machine like jackets on the sides and bottom of the tank.

Chilled Water Tank


Capacity of 10.000-56.000W
Used to produce chilled water at 1oC. The main application is in the process of mixing and ageing of ice cream. The production of chilled water is done with a refrigeration unit that uses as evaporator some Trapcold® plates, placed into a tank from which the water is further sent to the users.

Ageing Vat

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Capacity from 300-2400L
It is used to cool the ice-cream and its preservation at 4oC and about a slow stirring allows the full maturation of ice cream. The cooling is achieved with the cold water tank. The water flows into Trapcold® plate elements that are part of the tank as liners on the sides.