Weighing Machinery – Scales

Weighing Machinery – Scales

zygoi platforma

Floor Scales

Weighing bridge with optional ramp and stand

zygoi gia zoa2

Scales for Pets

Mobile and with big platform.

zygos kantari

Hanging Scales

Convenient, economical and always handy.
Essential too in the private sector to determine the weight of fish, game, fruits, bicycle parts, suitcases etc.


Precision Scales

Laboratory scales with tremendous weighing performance

protupa bari

Test Weights

Test Weights from stainless steel, finely turned brass or cast iron that are used for adjusting and testing calibration of electronic balances.


The “Premium Consulting Partner” logo is a way for KERN to distinguish those Sales Partners who have gained special professional expertise for the KERN product range, through product training courses.

As high-quality specialits we can help you find the correct balance or weighing solution for your specific requirements.

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