Nova Safety Gerber Centrifuge

nova safety

– Safety lid lock
– Electrical brake time (time – 8s)
– Timer for Centrifuge time (digital)
– Heating, regulated on 65°C
– Suitable for 8 butyrometers (all types)

Technical specifications:
– RCA: 350g +/- 50g
– Speed: 1350 U / λεπτό
– Eff. Radius: 170 mm
– Connection: 230V / 50 … 60 Hz / 500 VA
– Weight: 13kg
– Dimensions: LxBxH: 470x380x230 mm

Centrifuge SUPER-VARIO


This centrifuge stands out due to its exceptional engine smoothness. That it is largely free of vibration and has swing out butyrometer buckets positively effects the lifetime of your butyrometers. Correspondingly, good results (reproducibility and comparability) are assured. For these reasons, the SuperVario-N is often used as a reference
centrifuge for calibration purposes. Due to its versatility, the SuperVario-N is widely accepted in dairy laboratories. High versatility means free programmability of rpm, temperature and time (“free mode”) as well as 4 set programs for the following tests:

– Dr. N. Gerber’s method (determination of fat content)
– Roese-Gottlieb’s method (determination of fat content, reference method)*
– Babcock’s method (determination of fat content)
– Solubility (determination of the solubility of powdered milk)
* Operation only possible under observation of respective safety regulations


– Stainless steel housing
– Programmable rotor speed from 600 to 1130 rpm in increments of 10 rpm (corresponds to a g-value of 77 to 37 2 g)
– Programmable heater up to 68 °C in 1°C increments
– Programmable centrifugation time from 1 to 99 minutes
– Automatic interlocking safety lid
– Automatic shut down in case of unbalance
– Automatic brake

Technical specifications:

– Connection values: 230 V/50 … 60 Hz/1200 VA
– Weight, empty: 26 kg
– Total height with lid: 46 0 mm
– Filling height: 37 0 mm
– Rotor speed range: 6 00 to1130 rpm**
– Temperature range: room temperature up to 68 °C

** For the determination of fat content due to Gerber’s method, a g-value of 350 g ± 50 g is required.
With a relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 365 g in its unloaded state (idle running) and 340 g in its fully
loaded state, the SuperVario-N fulfils the standard specifications in an exemplary manner.