CERTOCLAV Autoclaves

CERTOCLAV Autoclaves

CERTOCLAV Autoclaves

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Full steam sterilization at 140oC / 2,7 bar. Within 3 minutes not only all pathogenic germs, but also spores of these on wrapped instruments, are certainly destroyed.

For gentle sterilization of heat sensitive material, as well as autoclaving of nutrient solutions and various material tests, special valves for 115oC/0,7 bar and 121oC/1,1 bar are available as an option. Cultures, glass container, metal, rubber, textile and steam resistant synthetic material can be sterilized.

Weight: 6.1 kg. Thanks to the convenient carrying handles the autoclave can be moved anywhere, when a contaminated material must be sterilized urgently and directly at the work place.

Necessary equipment for the completeness of even the smallest laboratory.


-Maximum Working Pressure: 2,7 bar

-Line voltage 220-230 Volt

-Frequency: 50-60 Hz

-Power: 1900 W

Spare Parts

-Valve sterilization 125oC and 140oC


-Manometer with maximum indicator, balanced

-Overpressure safety valve and overpressure release

-Safety lock against opening under pressure

Steam release valve and steam release cock for quick and effective ventilation

Optional  Accesories

-Freely programmable microprocessor

-Valves for 115oC and 121oC

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