Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests

01 lactognost

Phosphatase Test

For the detection of alkaline phosphatase in milk, whey, cream and butter

The test enables the verification of adequate pasteurization of milk and related products, or the detection of raw milk in pasteurized milk.

test antibiotikon

Test for Antibiotics in Milk

a) Rapid test for antibiotics in milk without incubation
The EcoTest easy MRL is a precise, cost-effective, simple and quickly applied rapid inhibitor test
Set of 96 samples

b) Slow test that needs incubation
Set of 100 samples


Protein Residue Test

Pro-clean test for the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces
Set of 100 samples

test mastitidas

California Mastitis Test

5 test mastitidas2

Mastitis Detector

Electronic device for the detection of mastitis

6 elegxos ph


Box of 200 tests

7 peroxtesmo

Hyperoxidase Test – Peroxtesmo

Set of 100 samples