FermentoFlash Beer Analyzer


The device for the automatic analysis of beer alcoholic percentage, original wort, extract, apparent extract.

The usual way of analysing alcoholic drinks has always been to use two devices with different measurement principles, such as a density measure that uses a mechanical oscillator and a refractometer.

The newly developed device FermentoFlash is based on thermo-analytical measurement methods combined with mathematical algorithms. The beer sample should be degassed before by using a simple paper filter.
The device sucks in the defined sample volume (10 ml) and starts the analysis by warming up the sample. During this warming up procedure the results at different measuring temperatures are assigned according the different chemical constituents. The results (alcoholic content, real extract and original wort) are displayed and printed on a protocol printer in approximately 2 minutes. The resolution is 0.01% for any constituent.

Handling /Calibration:
The device has only three buttons and the operation is carried out on a menu.
The device is calibrated with help of a reference beer. Eighteen different calibrating profiles (for example Pils, lager, or malt beer) can be stored.
All measuring parameters (alcohol, original wort and extract) are calibrated automatically in one step. Only the reference values of the reference beer must be entered.