Milk Analysers

Milk Analysers

Milk Analysis Device Lactostar

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Chemical milk analysis device ‘Lactostar’ from Funke Gerber, Germany with fully automatic cleaning and rinsing system and zero point calibration for the fast and accurate measurement of:
– fat, protein, lactose, SNF (fat free dry matter)
– Minerals / conductance
– Density (calculated value)
– Freezing point (calculated value)
The operation is clear and simple with a 5-key menu driven handling.

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Milk Analysis Device LactoFlash


Analyzer for a quick routine test of milk
Inexpensive analysis device for the fast and accurate determination of milk ingredients. LactoFlash counts Fat and SNF content and then calculates protein, lactose, density and freezing point.
– Sample capacity: up to 100 / h
– Two menu languages are available: English and German
– User-friendly Screen. Easy 5-key operation
– Easy calibration

Dimensions (WxHxD): 30cm x 24cm x 33cm
Weight: 5 kg

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