Portable ph-meter

phmeter for liquids

Portable ph-meter XS suitable for liquids

IP67 watertight portable pH meter. Resolution 0.01 pH. With microprocessor and interchangeable high-quality electrode. Large 3-color LCD display with indication of the pads used for calibration and measurement stability. 3-point button calibration with 5 US buffer values for accuracy of ± 0.01 pH.

Portable ph-meter 7 Vio

pH 70

Portable ph-meter 7 Vio

Portable pHmeter with microprocessor with DHS digital sensors management and manual or automatic temperature compensation with NT 55 probe. Simultaneous display of pH (mV), temperature and buffer values used for calibration. “Stability” function and setting of measurement stability criteria (Low-Med-High) Automatic calibration up to 3 points NIST selectable buffers, USA (8 values) and 2 user-defined values Auto-off Rubber protective shell with bench support Self-diagnosis messages, 5-year warranty on the electronic part. IP57 Waterproof.

Portable-Table ph-meter


Portable-Table ph-meter Knick