Analogue Refractometers


These are precision instruments for determining the solid contents dissolved in liquids, such as sugar, salt, serumprotein in blood and starch. A few drops of the sample is placed on the refractometer prism and the index of refraction is measured. From this, dissolved solids can be determined in seconds.

This method is very useful for process or quality control of beet or cane sugar, fruit juices, jam, vegetable juices, soft drinks, and canned foods to name a few applications. The hand refractometer fits in every pocket! Delivered in a handy storage case with conversion tables.

Fields of application:

Determination of mixing ratios, quality and quantity inspection in the following industries:
– Pulp and paper industries
– Chemical industry
– Beverage industry
– Food industry
– Sugar and sweetener industry
– Textiles industry
– Metalworking industry
– Petrochemical industry
– Wastewater management