Milk Pasteurisators

Milk Pasteurisators

Multi-Purpose Pasteurizer (all-in-one cheese making unit)


• Pasteurization of milk with parallel stirring
• Coagulation and curd division
• Re-heating ability (for hard & semi hard cheeses)
with automatic stirring
• Whey cheese production
• Heating ability for yoghurt production

Watch a short video presentation of this Multi-Purpose Pasteurizer
Production Unit for Cheeses - Yoghurt etc.Innovative construction for all prοduction procedures easily and in a small space.
Ideal for small farms and also suitable for testal productionsin big dairies (pilot plant)

Pasteurisator FJ30


This stainless steel pasteuriser treats 28L of milk to a temperature of 72 ° C in about 1 ¼ hours. The inlet and outlet hoses fill a water bath which is sealed against any contact with the milk and provides gentle heating. The fixing hooks for the internal boiler support the constant heating process. A water bath with cold water stops the heating process.

The FJ30 pasteuriser has an additional insulation to produce energy saving and a 1.5 kW electronic thermostat.

Pasteurisator FJ15

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The world‘s only mini multi-purpose kettle for pasteurization, cheese and yoghurt production
The water temperature can be heated up to nearly 100°C and the temperature of the medium up to 90°C with a new and innovative electronics. The production time for pasteurization, cheese or yoghurt production can also be programmed individually as required.

Additional thermometer for temperature control of the medium.

Outer container as well as fluid container made out of stainless steel